What I'm Wearing: Sunset Music Festival 2015

Who's got plans for Memorial weekend? "I do!"  I am so excited to be attending the Sunset Music Festival 2015, a week from today for the first time. So I thought it be best to give my first ever fashion or outfit post to the world of Raving! I've put together some outfits that I will be sporting at this years festivities. I hope you like it.

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette

Morphe Brushes, known for their amazing quality, and very affordable brushes collaborated with awesome YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill and created a palette made from her top favorite eye shadows. This is the second time the company has released the palette after what happened during the initial launch on New Year's Eve and like many others, I was also unable to purchase this palette due to a server overload. I purchased the palette on the 14th of May, about a day after it's second release on the 13th. I admit after realizing that I could of possibly missed out on the palette again I almost cried but something in me told me I should take a look anyway just to be sure. I sat at the computer and quickly hit a few buttons on my keyboard to bring up the site and clicked the link to the palette and to my surprise it was still available. I couldn't help let out a high pitched sound of excitement after seeing that even after a whole day went by it was still there. I ordered the palette and after receiving the confirmation email, I was breathing a little more easier. Now, the question you're all probably asking: Is it worth it?